The PINKNOISE online request system is a powerful and intuitive web-based platform that enables guests to submit song requests on a mobile phone, or any internet enabled device.

What's it all about?

PINKNOISE is a web-based, low cost subscription platform that enables remote song requests from a guest's phone, or any internet enabled device.   Guests can view and search your song book online from their phone, choose the song version they want to sing and set any key changes.   Their requests are then sent directly to the KJ’s control page where each one can be added to a sortable playlist, set aside for later or marked as played or rejected. PINKNOISE is already popular among KJs wanting to ditch their printed song books in favour of an all-digital solution.   It's also gaining popularity with other entertainers who wish to have digital interaction with their audiences.   No more printing out hundreds of pages every time you update your karaoke music library.


How does it work?

Simply export your song book to the PINKNOISE system or, alternatively, use the default song book that PINKNOISE provides.   Requests are then handled by KJs in the intuitive and powerful PINKNOISE control system. Many other bonus features are included with PINKNOISE.   Primary features are listed in the next section.



The control page has too many features to show here, but the screenshots below show examples of how incoming requests can be managed by the KJ.

Simple pricing

We're currently upgrading our auto-subscription system.  In the mean time, please contact us below to get your exclusive PINKNOISE installation up and running.

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